Juul 2 Pods All

75,00 د.إ


The new Juul 2 Pods Now available in Dubai UAE! Cash on delivery available to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al QuwainRas Al Khaimah and Fujairah. Get the best price from heetdubai.ae!

Main Features of Juul 2 Pods

  • Juul 2 pods are compatible with Juul 2 starter kit and come in a variety of nicotine strengths. They also include safety features like Juul 2 ID and protection from liquid exposure, so you can vape without worrying.
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  • Choose a stylish Juul 2 pod for the perfect vaping experience!
  • 18mg nicotine strength delivers a satisfying hit without overwhelming your senses.
  • 1.2ml capacity lets you enjoy more puffs without having to refill too often.
  • Optimized coil ensures maximum flavor and vapor production, with less lost to leaking.
  • Fully compatible with all Juul 2 products, including the starter kit.

It’s time to feel the rush that only comes from vaping. Welcome to the world of Juul, an e-cigarette alternative that offers the same incredible flavor and throat hit as regular cigarettes! Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your nicotine needs.

Give in to your cravings with a pod that packs 1.2ml of liquid into each cartridge, ensuring you get all you need from every puff. Choose from a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths so you can find what works for you. And with safety in mind, every pod is pre-filled and ready to go, so there’s no risk of leaking or spilling during transport. Get hooked on Juul 2 today!

With over a million downloads, Juul has quickly become the vape-of-choice for many people looking to kick the habit. It’s designed with a pod system so you don’t have to fuss with filling cartridges or dry herb pods.

The nicotine strength is also adjustable so you can choose how much nicotine you want in your e-liquid. And it comes in different flavors that will appeal to everyone from fruity vapers to those looking for something sweeter.

Juul 2 pods has 1.2ml of nicotine strength, 18mg of nicotine. With this pod, you can vape all day without feeling tired and still enjoy the taste.

juul 2 pods Choose from our wide range of flavors like Autumn Tobacco, Crisp Menthol, Polar Menthol, Ruby Menthol, Summer Menthol, Virginia Tobacco and give your taste buds a treat!

Get the best price from Heetdubai vape shop near you in UAE! Juul 2 pods price is 75.00 AED only in Dubai UAE!


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