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Smoking in Dubai is a common and accepted practice, with many locals and visitors enjoying a smoke in the city’s numerous smoking lounges, shisha cafes, and hookah bars. From traditional Arabian shisha to trendy e-cigarettes, Dubai offers a wide range of smoking options for enthusiasts to choose from. In this article, we will explore the smoking culture in Dubai, the rules and regulations surrounding smoking, and where to find the best smoke spots in the city.


Dubai is a vibrant city known worldwide for its stunning skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls, and extravagant lifestyle. But did you know that Dubai is also a hub for smoking enthusiasts? With a plethora of smoking lounges, shisha bars, and cigar shops, Dubai is a haven for anyone looking to indulge in their favorite tobacco products.

One of the most popular smoking activities in Dubai is shisha, also known as hookah or water pipe smoking. Traditionally, shisha is a social activity where friends gather around a hookah pipe to smoke flavored tobacco, sip on tea or coffee, and engage in conversations. In Dubai, shisha cafes can be found on almost every corner, offering a wide variety of delicious flavors such as apple, mint, peach, and double apple.

One of the most famous shisha lounges in Dubai is the Arabian Tea House, located in the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood. This charming cafe offers a cozy outdoor seating area where guests can enjoy a relaxing shisha session while soaking in the ambiance of the old Dubai architecture. The Arabian Tea House is known for its traditional Arabian food and excellent shisha flavors, making it a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.

For those looking for a more upscale shisha experience, Zabeel House by Jumeirah in Al Seef is the perfect choice. This chic hotel boasts a rooftop terrace with stunning views of Dubai Creek, where guests can enjoy premium shisha flavors while taking in the city’s skyline. The modern atmosphere, delicious food, and top-notch service at Zabeel House make it a must-visit destination for shisha lovers.

In addition to shisha lounges, Dubai is also home to a thriving cigar scene. The city boasts numerous specialty cigar shops, where aficionados can purchase premium cigars from around the world. One such shop is the Davidoff Cigar Boutique in Burj Khalifa, known for its exquisite selection of hand-rolled cigars and knowledgeable staff who can help customers find the perfect smoke.

For those looking to enjoy a cigar in a more social setting, the Lounge at Address Downtown is the place to be. This upscale cigar lounge offers a sophisticated ambiance, premium cocktails, and a selection of fine cigars for guests to enjoy. With stunning views of the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa, the Lounge at Address Downtown is the ideal spot for a luxurious smoking experience.

While shisha and cigars are the most popular smoking activities in Dubai, the city also offers a wide range of other smoking options. Vape lounges are becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, catering to those who prefer electronic cigarettes over traditional tobacco products. These trendy lounges offer a variety of e-liquids flavors, sleek vaping devices, and a chic atmosphere for guests to relax and unwind.

In addition to smoking lounges, Dubai is also known for its extravagant smoking events and festivals. The Dubai International Smoking Festival is a must-visit for smoking enthusiasts, featuring live entertainment, cultural performances, and of course, plenty of smoking activities. From shisha competitions to cigar seminars, this festival celebrates all things smoking and attracts enthusiasts from around the world.

Despite its popularity, smoking in Dubai is regulated by strict laws and regulations. The UAE government has implemented a ban on smoking in public places, including restaurants, cafes, and public transportation. This law aims to protect non-smokers from harmful second-hand smoke and promote a healthier environment for all residents and visitors.

However, smoking is still permitted in designated smoking areas, such as shisha cafes, cigar lounges, and private residences. Many hotels and restaurants in Dubai have dedicated smoking sections where guests can enjoy their favorite tobacco products without violating the law. It is important for visitors to familiarize themselves with the local smoking regulations to avoid any fines or penalties while in Dubai.

In conclusion, Dubai is a paradise for smoking enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of smoking activities, lounges, and events for everyone to enjoy. Whether you prefer shisha, cigars, or vaping, there is something for every taste in this dynamic city. So if you find yourself in Dubai, be sure to indulge in a luxurious smoking experience and soak in the lavish lifestyle that the city has to offer.

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